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Shaanxi Shaanxi pharmaceutical staged " Romance of the three kingdoms "

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Shaanxi Shaanxi pharmaceutical staged " Romance of the three kingdoms "

In Lijun, Yang Sen established under the guidance of pharmaceutical enterprises, many private enterprises in Shaanxi have also set foot in the " pharmaceutical arena ". Private enterprises to step, Dongsheng " leader ", poured into the pharmaceutical industry. But the starfish, Jinhua, a Liu, Maddison, private information, a new force suddenly rises., Changan Jinyu group has invested heavily in expanding pharmaceutical.

At the same time, Shaanxi garment industry leader Weizhi group is also the successful holding of the Qin Kun pharmaceutical, and as far away as Wugong dairy industry boss Shenguo also enter the pharmacy, in Yangling built a modern pharmaceutical base.

In the private enterprises competing ran pharmaceutical industry at the same time, herbal drug source base in Shangluo brand concept also take shape, and the pharmaceutical enterprises also take Xi'an surfaced.

For a time, Shaanxi's pharmaceutical industry, " all flowers bloom together. " in the competition, joint ventures, state-owned, private three pharmaceutical enterprises as one falls, becomes a " Three Kingdoms " situation.

" Train to run fast, all by car belt ". In fact, the pharmaceutical industry in Shaanxi is to " three " racing together bridle to bridle " situation grow sturdily.

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