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    Xi'an Tianrui Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Company phone:029-82507780 029-37159368
  • Sales Tel:029-81988509 029-68961135
  • Contact:anping Niu
  • Mobile phone:18991131841 15129886099

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" We are like a group of lonely soldier carries a mission impossible to walk in the western grassland and sand.

Our motivation comes from the suffering compatriots unbearable care and a belief in immortality! "

Headquarters phone company: 029-82507780

The phone company sales: 029-81988509

The company's foreign trade 1 phone: 029-8636218818821641791

The company's foreign trade 2 phone: 029-6896113518821641792

The company's foreign trade 3 phone: 029-6896353915719281606

Factory telephone: 13892986891, 15877656700

Department manager mobile phone:

Chen Jian: 18091838867

Wang Fang 18091838865

Wang Wei 15877656700

Li Xue: 18821641791

Debbie: 13689195807

Gu Hongli 18821641792

Wang Liyuan 15719281606

Technical support:DADE
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