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Base construction

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Base construction

Quality first, authentic materials from quality. The spirit of "quality, integrity-based" belief, Snot from planting to the professional operation, the planting of the GAP specification, and strictly control the quality of raw material. From the integration of resources, raw materials base location, seed selection, planting, harvesting to assessment and evaluation of suppliers, on every aspect of this study, planning and professional data validation, in line with environmental protection, the principle of sustainable development, in accordance with the GAP standards, the scientific construction own specialized base of raw materials and raw material supply network.

Snot most of the raw materials of medicinal plants from China, at present Snot in Yunnan and Guangxi has built a fleece-flower root, Poria cocos, eucommia, Tianma, Nansha ginseng, Cortex Magnoliae officinalis, Cortex Phellodendri, rhynchophylla, tulip, ginkgo, Ra Masato, Polygonum cuspidatum, Sophora flavescens, Hone, since the main raw material base, can ensure the quality of adequate supplies of raw materials every year, to ensure the quality and quantity of raw materials and stability. At the same time, drive the development of local economy.

Ningxia Longde county is located in six Shanxi Lu, is northwest damp semi-wet region. Soil types and climatic conditions suitable for a variety of the growth of Chinese herbal medicines, the county with six Panshan, astragalus, bupleurum, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Fritillaria, authentic Chinese herbal medicine as the representative, excellent quality. " Fifteen" period, the county by means of ecological construction opportunity, the Chinese herbal medicine planting as increasing the income of farmers, returning farmland to forest and grass measures of follow-up industry and the development of county economy, in the state and the autonomous region science and technology project support drive, established six disc mountain herbs resources conservation and Germplasm Repository, the fence fenced area of 200000 mu. Chinese herbal medicine planting area of 160000 mu, and the establishment of the Chinese herbal medicine demonstration village and seed seedling breeding demonstration garden, carry out Lin drug intercropping and interplanting grain medicine technology integration demonstration.

Since the beginning of June this year, after 4 months of preliminary built covers an area of 15 acres six Panshan ( Longde) of Chinese medicinal materials in domestication garden, six disc areas in 156 species of medicinal plants collected, built six planting area. Domestication of wild area mainly of Zushima, sealwort, more than 90 varieties, mainly white mustard, Impatiens, varieties introduced experimental area, mainly in Gentiana, Aconitum szechenyianum varieties breeding area, plant area is dominated by Astragalus and safflower, specification variety, regional forest dominated by bupleurum, medicine evening primrose, varieties, greenhouse culture area of rare and endangered species in Fritillaria, polygonatum, disc.


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