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Factory supply directly 100% natural Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Release time:[2016-04-07]       Returns

Purple sweet potato powder
Appearance: Fine purple red powder
Mesh size: 60~80 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh
Active ingredients: Anthocyanin
Water Content NMT 15.0%
Heavy metals: NMT 20 ppm
As: NMT 3 ppm
Packing in 25kg fibre drum

Purple sweet potato powder has natural pigment- anthocyanin, it has bright and natural color, adding to food, it can color them well, it can be used for mid-range and high-range food. 
Purple sweet potato has plentiful and balanced nutrition, it also can serve as a health protection. 
The ingredients of purple sweet potato power can be reserved well to strengthen the scents and lingering scents of products so that it can serve purple sweet potato in excellent flavor. 
Purple sweet potato powder Product-reserves the cooler, flavor and nutrition of the purple sweet potato flesh it has good rehydration 

Technical support:DADE
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